Arverne-by-the-Sea, Far Rockaway, Queens

Quennell Rothschild & Partners collaborated with architects and planners Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn on the landscape master plan — and its implementation — for this 100-acre beachfront community in the Rockaway area of Queens. The plan responds to the environmental challenges of the site, and capitalizes on its proximity to both the subway and the sea.

An open space system of parks, alleys, paths and roadways connects the community to the beach, incorporating native plantings, habitat restoration and best management practices for stormwater run-off. A new commercial street anchors mid-rise apartment buildings and other public buildings incorporating green-roof technology. QRP developed streetscape standards to encourage a pleasant pedestrian experience through the neighborhoods, and between the subway, the beach and the boardwalk. A network of midblock pedestrian paths links the different neighborhoods and parks along spine streets. Small playgrounds and open grassy areas are located at key points.

The pathways evoke an upland dune landscape, with grey composite wood boardwalks winding through bermed plantings of (mostly) native shrubs and grasses. This landscape contrasts with the natural Beachfront Preserve, which is planted with shoreline shrubs and groundcovers.  The preserve consists of vegetated sand dunes topped by elevated boardwalks connecting the road to the existing boardwalk, with trees concentrated at key locations.

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