PACE College, Pleasantville, New York

Quennell Rothschild & Partners collaborated with architects Richard Dattner and Partners on a master plan for the Pleasantville campus of Pace University. Faced with changing demographics and a projected increase in the student enrollment in their Westchester campuses, the university had decided to close their Briarcliff campus and consolidate it with the existing Pleasantville campus. The decision requires the construction of new academic and residential buildings, as well as confronting the challenge of additional parking requirements for what is both a residential and a commuter campus.

The master plan addresses both building program and the impact on the campus’s landscape architecture, a critical aspect of the university’s vision for this site. The plan describes the nature and quality of the various campus landscapes and considers ways in which future changes or improvements might result in a landscape which is attractive, coherent to resident and visitor, and maintainable. New open spaces are created with the removal of interior roads and parking lots. An expanded pedestrian system will act as the connective tissue between the new campus centers. The plan calls for a grand main entrance at the existing location with views into a new academic quadrangle. Parking is screened from view and woodlands are retained surrounding the new quad, helping to focus the view into the open space.

Within the main quad Choate Pond overflow will be widened and made into a visually accessible stream, treating storm water before it reaches the wetlands along the Taconic Parkway. A new visitor center and admissions building will welcome visitors to the campus.

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