The New Domino, Brooklyn

This 11-acre historic factory complex sits on a prime site on the East River’s eastern shore, just north of the Williamsburg Bridge.  For over a hundred years it had been the major producer of refined sugar in the Northeast.  This redevelopment project sought to transform this five city-block site into an economically integrated mix of apartments, offices, new shops and community facilities, and to provide physical and visual access to the dazzling Brooklyn waterfront.  CPC Resources, Inc., one of New York’s foremost builders of affordable housing, took the property over in 2004 and Quennell Rothschild & Partners were the landscape architects, working with architects Rafael Vinoly and Beyer Blinder Belle.

A significant component of the project was over four acres of publicly accessible open space. Strong connections to adjacent parks and links with the developing Greenpoint/Williamsburg greenway were basic tenets of the plan. The site has major changes in level between Kent Street and the waterfront, and the firm used this topography to create a one-acre sloping lawn. This generous open space provides opportunities for sun bathing, informal games, people-watching, spectacular sunsets and a stunning prospect of the harbor through three landmark bridges to the Statue of Liberty.

The heart of the open space is a five-block long public esplanade: a wide, welcoming, tree-shaded swath that provides a variety of experiences. Two large playgrounds, a water play space that can be converted to an ice rink in the winter, an outdoor café and numerous small spaces for quiet contemplation were additional components of the plan.

CPC Resources, Inc. ultimately sold the property to another developer in 2013.

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    Rafael Viñoly Architects

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    Rafael Viñoly Architects

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    Rafael Viñoly Architects