Fowler Square, Brooklyn, New York

Funded through NYC DOT’s Public Plaza program, this project expanded and transformed Fowler Square into an elegant multi-use public space close to BAM. Capturing a parking lane and the former roadbed of Elliot Place doubled the size of the plaza. An existing monument to General Fowler was moved to create a new focus for the space, surrounded with a planter and granite bench.

Granite pavers radiating from the monument now provide a unifying treatment and new trees planted along the plaza edges enhance the sense of place and provide shade over areas of moveable seating and benches. With a subway tunnel below the site, careful study of subsurface conditions and coordination with MTA was required to locate trees and foundations for new light poles. The project involved an intensive program of public participation through workshops and outreach, as well as coordination with the Fulton Area Business Alliance and many City agencies.


  • Fowler 5

    Architectural Craft Stone

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