NYU Medical Center Tisch Courtyard, New York, NY

Quennell Rothschild and Partners recently designed this lush and inviting reconstruction of NYU Medical Center’s half-acre courtyard. The courtyard functions as a peaceful retreat for outdoor sitting and strolling, and to provide a visual focus for the main lobby, offices, and corridors surrounding the space. The design includes a variety of lawn, perennial, and tree plantings.  Broad stairs around raised planters provide casual seating and invite users to enter the lawn areas. Elegant black granite benches and comfortable tables and chairs contribute additional seating options to provide a welcoming environment. In the intimately-scaled corners of the courtyard, whimsical arcs of stainless steel planters rise from the ground plane to provide deeper soil volume for large flowering trees and cascading groundcover.

Built over sensitive basement laboratory space, the courtyard design utilizes green roof technology and an innovative drainage approach to cope with shallow depth conditions and weight limitations over the basement roof. The custom drain design integrates seamlessly with a linear paving pattern that forms a crisp visual frame for the planted areas.

The design for the courtyard was developed in collaboration with Ennead Architects, in conjunction with new elevator and building addition fronting the courtyard.

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