Peekskill Landing, Peekskill, New York

Located on a bend in the Hudson River, Peekskill’s waterfront is one of the most dramatic sites in the Hudson Valley. Until recently, the five‐acre Peekskill Landing site was home to a variety of heavy industries, including the Tallix Foundry where some of the region’s most famous artists had their work cast. An enduring legacy of these industries was an array of environmental problems, remediated in 2009 by the State DEC and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Due to a robust public participation process, the park represents the diverse interests of a nature-loving community composed of boating enthusiasts, artists, birdwatchers and hikers. An active waterfront to the south features a boardwalk esplanade and shade structure; kayak facilities and launching dock; and the site for a future maritime center. The central path leads to a pedestrian overpass that links to the Hudson River Valley Greenway, and doubles as a bird-watching platform, where a bird blind and viewfinders offer sightings of the bald eagles that have made a restored woodland their home. On the waterfront side, the path passes a grass amphitheater, temporary sculpture installations by local artists, and crosses a small bridge over an inlet. Materials like corten steel and gravel evoke the industrial history of the site, while native grasses and wild meadows recall an earlier ecology. Sustainable design principles and green materials promise a cleaner future for this formerly contaminated site.


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