Sakura Park, Manhattan

This block‑long neighborhood park in upper Manhattan is located across from Grant’s Tomb on Riverside Drive, overlooking the Hudson River. The park was designed by the Olmsted Brothers in the 1930’s, but over time it succumbed to overgrown hedges, narrow pathways and lack of maintenance.

Our design was based on the original Olmsted Brothers plan, but it also addressed contemporary needs. Lawn areas were enlarged and hedges removed to open up views within the park, providing increased security and changing the dynamic of the park from forbidding enclosure to welcoming openness, with improved access to all areas. New lighting was added and the playgrounds were redesigned and furnished with modern play equipment. The gazebo, the visual and social centerpiece of Sakura Park, is a new addition to the Olmsted Brothers’ design.

The reconstruction of Sakura Park was completed through a partnership of NYC Parks, the Greenacre Foundation, Columbia University, and other neighboring institutions. Quennell Rothschild & Partners played an instrumental role in the formation of this partnership and assisted in fund‑raising efforts.

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  • Sakura Park

    Photo: Gigi Altarejos

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