Shoreline Parks Plan, East Shore of Staten Island, New York

The shorelines of New York City are crucial pieces of urban infrastructure that provide for neighborhood recreation, and act as the first line of defense during coastal storms.  Under the jurisdiction of, and contracted by NYC Parks, the Shoreline Parks Plan reimagines Staten Island’s eastern shore after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.  This project presents the integration of a seawall proposed by the Army Corps of Engineers (a necessary yet physically and visually disruptive intervention), as an opportunity to reinvent a major public park.  The thoughtful integration of the seawall into the park would restore connections to a series of new and renovated park amenities, that alongside proposed ecological stormwater management strategies will serve to create a new social, physical and cultural resource for adjacent communities and visitors.  The New York Department of State is also a partner in this project that would invigorate a valuable NYC resource.


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