Watchcase Factory, Sag Harbor, New York

This 19th Century Watchcase factory is located in the heart of historic Sag Harbor Village, and for almost a hundred years it was a major employer of skilled local workers. Since its closing in the 1970’s, the building complex of massive brick walled structures had been abandoned and neglected. In 2006 the property was acquired by new owners who are developing it and the surrounding site for residential use.

Quennell Rothschild & Partners worked closely with the client and architects Beyer Blinder Belle to develop a plan for the public and private open spaces for the three acre site that respects the historic context while providing circulation and green spaces that meet current needs. The entire project was designed to meet LEED environmental standards and will include innovative drainage and water conservation techniques.

Our work includes conversion of the existing parking area into a lush new swimming pool and recreation center for the residents, to be built over a new underground parking garage. Ground floor units and new townhouses are provided with private courtyards, and a large intensive green roof covers the entire factory complex and will provide generous terraces for many of the apartments.

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